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Planet Earth


A wise saying goes: "We inherited this planet from our parents and borrowed it from our children."

That is why at Gruppo Cucine, we have taken on this task, and every day, we put our best effort

to contribute to the protection of planet Earth, the home of us all.



It gives us great pleasure to know that through a series of responsible actions, energies, and choices, we also put a little stone to make the lives of those around us safer and better. Specifically:


  • All our products are made from ecological and safe materials, avoiding the low-cost solutions that are often made from dangerous materials to health.

  • Each of our products has all the necessary certifications and is approved for interiors according to the strictest international standards. The factories that manufacture them export to over 80 countries, with even more rigorous standards than the Greek ones.

  • For each kitchen installed, we plant a tree. In 2020 Gruppo Cucine became the first company in Greece to receive the Planet Guardian award from

  • Our awareness of climate change has led to partnerships with factories that use only fully recyclable, certified, and human-friendly materials. The energy used to build a kitchen comes from 100% photovoltaic panels.

  • Simultaneously, in all our stores, we have introduced bicycles for the company's employees' daily transportation, giving an extra incentive to our people to avoid air pollutants.

  • At Gruppo Cucine, we are constantly investing in renewable energy sources, thus fully covering the energy needs of our stores and our warehouses. And now, each of our stores has modern power supplies for charging electric cars!

  • Finally, with the company's overall digital transformation, we have managed to reduce paper use to 80%. You also contribute to this when you receive your kitchen or wardrobe offer by email!


At Gruppo Cucine, the effort for a greener and cleaner environment never stops. And in this, we are all together!


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