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Optimal lighting conditions in the kitchen

Ottime condizioni di illuminazione in cucina

Because of the activities in the kitchen, this is a room that should guarantee high brightness, especially in certain areas. For this reason, it is essential to design the kitchen layout carefully so that any natural light sources can be exploited and artificial light sources placed methodically. In our solutions, they can be placed in different places. The purpose remains the same: to ensure excellent lighting in the kitchen.

How to take advantage of natural light

It is crucial to have a well-lit kitchen. When designing your kitchen, you should include suitable large openings that allow for proper lighting during the day.

This will definitely affect mental and physical well-being and will result in energy savings.


How to light your kitchen

Artificial kitchen lighting should have two purposes: to ensure good visibility and to create a welcoming environment. For this reason, we have designed unique lighting solutions for each area of ​​the kitchen:

A. Lighting under the hanging cupboard

B. Bench with lighting

C. Wooden construction with lighting

D. Top shelf with lighting