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Modern kitchen furniture: 6 tips to highlight them

Mobili per cucine moderne

Modern kitchen furniture is the definite trend in the kitchens and is an investment that will remain timeless and stylish in the future. The point is that it is not enough to have quality and beautiful furniture in your kitchen to make it look enchanting. To transform it into an oasis in which you will have the appetite to spend many hours, you should pay attention to some other things, which will highlight your kitchen furniture in the best and most efficient way.

Open corridors

A common mistake made in kitchens is to try to fit a lot of things and storage space so that there is no free space between the furniture and appliances. In a room, however, when we move a lot and do various jobs, we need freedom of movement with open-hearted and convenient corridors. Also, please pay attention to the arrangement of the cabinets so that they open freely!

Glass details

One element that looks very beautiful in modern kitchens is glass. This can be added as a door to cabinets and drawers or just as important through windows that will adequately illuminate the kitchen.

Height of cabinets and appliances

No matter how stylish the kitchen furniture is, they will not play their role if they are not practical. So pay attention to the height of the cabinets, so that you can easily find and catch what you want, while with devices such as the microwave oven you have to decide if you're going to be at a low or high height reach them or not the children arrive.

Statement item

For the kitchen to have character, it must have a point that will attract the eyes. Otherwise, it will be flawless but indifferent. Such an element can be tiles in eccentric designs, cabinets in a bright and vibrant color, orange, or a wall with many panels.


If you have a large kitchen, consider adding an island in the center, highlighting the room. It can serve as a cooking and dining area, while it can also have cabinets for extra storage space.

Organization and order

The main feature of modern kitchens is their austerity and simplicity. Modern kitchen furniture is designed in abstract lines that relax the eye and give peace and tranquility. If the kitchen is not tidy, this beauty will be seen and create an intense controversy. Therefore, it is essential to have the essentials in standard view and to invest in storage spaces that will allow you to hide what does not fit with this regular image.