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Functionality and prosperity in kitchen furniture

Funzionalità e benessere nell'arredo della cucina

Functionality and prosperity

The kitchen is a place for specific tasks and focuses on human relationships, a place for socialization and meeting people. That is why all our solutions try to make your various daily tasks more manageable, and we carefully examine countries and functions. We created a series of solutions to make the kitchen a more practical and tidy room. These are solutions that improve the "livelihood" of the kitchen, ensuring better management of your activities and enhanced well-being.

With Blumotion technology, the drawers close smoothly and quietly.

Blumotion technology is an essential technological project for maintaining perfection in movement and represents a technologically advanced element whose closing system will surprise you. The drawers and wagons close smoothly and silently, without knocking and reopening.

No matter how hard you try to close the drawers and wagons, whether they are full or empty, with Blumotion, you have the perfect closure every time. The more complex the movement, the harder it is to control the closure. Blumotion has been tested in 100,000 cycles. Brake fluid is a silicone oil: without gas or air, it is an environmentally friendly product.